Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's the Snowstorm of the First Half of December!

Actually, I think it's the biggest one of the century, so far.

Chopping from the comments on the previous post:

I've been shoveling the driveway since 9:30. Oh, I stopped for half an hour to drive the truck around and let the wind blow the giant drift off it. Can't park in the garage right now; there's a sauna in pieces.

I still have about a third of the driveway to clear. I just came in because my toes were about to go numb.
You can get in and out of it now, but I have to finish the job because ...who can say that this will be the last snowstorm we'll have? I'd be seriously behind the eight ball if I left it like it is.
We only got about a foot of snow.  Maybe 13 inches.  They usually get bigger amounts south and west of here.  I think that sucks.

Here's what I look like.  I don't know if Blogger's thingy shows what I titled it, so I'll tell you; I called it "Winter Dorkiness."

I thought this one came out great.  I think those kids down the road are looking to make some money shoveling people out.  They're dragging a big load on a sled.  Could be a body.  I didn't stick around to ask.

Oh, I guess the Metrodome collapsed - it's like a big balloon - so they'll have to play today's Vikings game in Detroit tomorrow.  Somebody's got a good picture of that.


T. F. Stern said...

So glad I live in Houston where if we see a snowflake we start to count how many; one, two, three, that's it the blizzard is over.

Nice pictures, thanks for posting. I used to live up north and have to shovel the driveway; no more of that.

Al said...

I drove a rental car from the airport there to Freeport and back once. It was probably the coldest weekend of the year - foggy and drizzly the whole time. But we were having a snowstorm at home at the same time, so it wasn't so bad to miss it.

Of course, when I got home...