Friday, December 03, 2010

Julian Assange is right and the people calling for his execution are wrong

Not to mention, evil.

Apparently they don't really believe in Jesus.

What does Jesus say about how to behave in battle?

People join the military (and police forces) to defend their family and friends from enemies, foreign and domestic. That's a very noble motive, no question about it. But that's not really what our military is up to. Our soldiers (and policemen) are the cutting edge of our government's efforts to f$*& everything up.

Here's some William Anderson:
In the post-World War II era, the "experts" that run our Administrative State not only have bankrupted this country, they have driven out productive people and productive entities, involved our armed forces in intractable wars (none of which have been declared by Congress, as the Constitution requires), put troops all over the world, and created a police state at home. Furthermore, they have managed to get away with it and have convinced Americans that any attempt to do away with this sorry state of affairs is an act of treason.

And what is the response when this folly is exposed? Yes, arrest those who have exposed it and give more power to those people who have been destroying our economy and our future.
There are also some great comments there. Like this:
I don't see much difference between what Assange and Wikileaks are doing from Daniel Elsberg and the Pentagon papers. And if the Wikileaks data dumps get us out of unconstitutional wars and illicit foreign activities as the Pentagon papers got us out of Vietnam, all the better. Critics can cry and moan and yell treason all they want but firstly, publishing the Pentagon papers was upheld by the Supreme Court as a first amendment right, and secondly how can Assange, a national of Australia be treasonous to the U.S. - as he holds no claim of loyalty to our nation in the first place?

Moreover, if it is believed that Assange should be assassinated for putting people in danger and hurting nation's diplomacy and reputations, then what should become of the actors in our government who's foreign policy, covert actions, and special interests have killed countless people around the world and hurt our national reputation and standing in the world?


Anonymous said...

The funny thing in my mind is that I've not heard of the current administration calling for his blood, have you?

I've seen some of my conservative friends frothing over all this, and I frankly don't see why. I didn't understand all the noise about 'endangering our military' when there was talk about a few fringe elements burning certain books, either.

If our military is endangered by our exercise of freedom to the point we must curtail ourselves to protect them - what is the point?

Anonymous said...

I honestly think peoples brains are falling out of their highly valued open minds. Or, something.


Al said...

I share the points you've made exactly.

John said...

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Al said...

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