Thursday, May 21, 2009

What evidence do we have for God again?

Or gods, spirits, angels, demons... Sprites, pixies, nixies, elves, brownies, fairies, UFOs... Leprechauns...


Starsplash said...

Why do you ask again Al?

The probligo said...

It is all a matter of belief.

Oh!! Read "Hogfather" by my favourite author of all time Terry Pratchett.

Just imagine, Father Christmas (the Hogfather) dying because people had stopped believing in him...

LibertyBob said...

If you need to worship something for which you have proof of existence, look back through your blogging history and note how many times I've commented. :)

Al said...

I can't think of anything I've seen with my own eyes that can't be explained by science. There've been some amazing coincidences, though none as literally earthshaking as the miracles of the Bible. I've never seen a miraculous healing. There's been plenty of hearsay about them.

Everything is from the Bible. Why should I believe that? What the heck was God up to in Job? He looks like a particularly dumb bully there, tricked by Satan into torturing Job in every way possible. How could holy people find inspiration in that? Who's the Father there? And why didn't God give a rat's ass about any of Job's family?

I've seen one miracle. Working the 12 Steps works. [Trying to short-cut them doesn't.] That doesn't prove that God does it, but there's something there.

That's real. I see it. What proof is there that it's God that cures the various addicts and disturbed people in AA, NA, SA and EA?

Tef said...

Add QA to your list, Al, Quotations Anonymous. I doubt these people can ever be "healed."

Al said...

Have I said, "Yo' Mammy!" to you lately, Tef?

Starsplash said...

Ultimately Al you are a son of the most high God. The very fact that there is a God or for that matter any cognicent being of a plain which man does not dwell upon though you would appreciate concrete proof is for the Creator to prove to you.

I seriously caution you. Be content where you are at spiritually. To seek a much higher level of understanding is fraught with a terrible responsibility and knowledge of (unbelivably so)how much you have been and will be for other peoples lives both near and far.

Better to preach and teach love, peace, and joy in the faith that your reward for doing such is sure, both amongst men and with a God.
You have a leg up. You know the words and the way to do it. Wise as a serpent harmless as a dove.
And do it while you feel love for them.

Have only the faith that you are saved because you did what Jesus said you should do.

The troubles that you have.....are certainly nothing compared what you could have.

Even if your wife does not understand.

I sometimes think God gives us a wife that is.......(no real nice way to say it); "nuts", to keep us humble.

Al, I don't know if AA will teach you this but alcahol has kept you in chains and now that you are breaking free learn to relish the freedom of not having to hide and lie and hunt your desire.

Besides I learned long time ago. God has a job for me to do. and the things that Jesus said would happen to me if I dedicated my life to him have.

All the joy, all the love, all the peace, all the turmoil.

All the turmoil.

For what it is worth I never thought you had to quit drinking.

I liked you when you were a kid. I liked you when you were a teenager, and I like you now.

I am your brother and I will all ways be on your side.

The origin of ALAN is not known for certain. Possible origins are from the Gaelic, meaning "comely" or "handsome;" or from the Celtic, meaning "peace" or "harmony."

RAYMOND is an Old German variant form of the Old French names Raimund and Raginmund, which mean "counselor-protector;" thus it has the connotation of "wise protection."

You are peaceful. You are wise and you are a defender of good.

I love you man.

Al said...

Hmm. I myself have generated the answer that proofs of God are purely personal: you can't share them without looking like a nut or a person who accepts weak evidence. I want stronger evidence now.

Let me go ahead and give my debate opponents a sword, to paraphrase Nixon: they say that a person's image of God is a mirror of his image of his own (early) father. Dad was a sailor, who wasn't around much, and when he was he was an SOB. He got better as I got older, granted. I saw him accept correction and learn to be a better father... but I deeply regret that you were out of the house by then, Ron.

Starsplash said...
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Starsplash said...

Dad's behavior does not have anything to do with my perception of God. Dads behavior does not have anything to do with my perception of me.

Moms behavior does not have anything to do with either of those.

Their behavior may have something to do with my behavior though. In fact I suppose that the negative behavior traits that I battle with in myself are likely the results of the combination of the hypocrisy that both of them were.

Moms main Hypocrisy is all the God damned social lies she tells to make herself look good.

Dads was more blatant. The do as I say not as I do crap.

Hence I hate both of those traits and where ever I find them I pound the s--- out of them.

And as far as personally sharing proof of God. We have a constitution that protects us from being mistreated for sharing our nut bag perceptions of God. It's called the free practice of our faith. The second amendment also protects our right to say something about God. And you can share you proofs freely with others and I do. I am protecting the constitution by yammering my mouth off. It's a freebie. Only the devil and his cohorts think there should me something done about it and by God they have tried.

Look at our country today it is a worse crap pile for it.I keep saying that the integrity of our country is what made it a great economic engine and the loss of that integrity for an anything goes attitude caused by the there is no god who will punish you for being bad mentality is why it is economically failing.

What has happened in this country is that people have tried to make social etiquette a law which is B---s---. If anything goes and lying prevails then people whom have decided and have succeeded in convincing others that they can enforce social etiquette then people will and do lie about a persons potential for being bad as indicated by there uh lets say potty mouth, which is stupid all the way to it's extremity.

This whole subject is another book that could be written.

If it was so good for you Al why then did you even need to try or do all them drugs you said you did which you know that they are bad for you and why did you drink so heavily for so long, worse why did you hide the fact(which is its own form of lying) for so long. We all knew you drank and mom says she figured that we had all tried the dope so that being true then you weren't truly successfully in hiding it from the people who you were hiding it from and yet they still loved you and were good and decent to you.

You have all of those years of hiding yourself from others because of your fears of social etiquette. I have 0000 years of hiding myself others. I feel good. I have accomplished everything I have ever set my heart to accomplish because there isn't one deceitful bone in my body. I have taken on Jacks giant and won not because I was a liar in any way but because I am not afraid to tell the truth.
I piss against the liars walls gleefully.
In fact it is my number one weapon. I ain't hiding myself and that scares and baffles liars. It is like a confusion on them as to why I wouldn't build some false wall with words to protect myself.

The simple answer is because lies and deceits are just that.....false walls only they don't protect us they blind us to our own nakedness which others see right through. Only the truth can cover you, and only the truth can set you free from the chains the bind you. The prison of fear that one day you would be found out. The fear of social consequences.

Social consequences are are pathetic human attempts at making other people conform to a communal ideology. An ideology that shifts with time like a sand dune in the desert shifts with the wind.

I don't shift around like other people because I don't need to. The rock of truth is stable and steady and worthy to build the foundation of a house upon. That's where I the truth. It is warm and cozy. Makes me all bubbly inside when I think of it.

I ain't skeered.

Starsplash said...

As far as being bitter about Dad. Never was. I was proud of him. Proud to say hey my dad is aw-some.
Mom just embarr-assed me. I was still proud of her.

I think everyone better rethink what they think I think about my mom and dad.

I don't think they were bad just stupidly lying about the dumb things they did. They weren't humble. I was never afraid to point out there mistakes.

Back to God.

He's gonna show you in a personal and immutable way that he is and has always been around. Just like he did for me sans the incredible coincedences.
Then you will know what guilt is really like.

Al said...

I doubt that I'll feel guilty, bro. If He proves His existence to me in a way that I can share with others without feeling like a chump... That's what I'm asking for.

Everything I've seen is second hand. Presumably.

Starsplash said...
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Starsplash said...

Your not going to feel guilty because you have done anything wrong but you are going to feel guilty because you are going to to become seriously aware of how imperfect you are. In other words first God is going to break you; clean you out, and then he is going to bring you forward into his presence and you are going to become excruciatingly aware that you are; no matter how internally clean, nothing but dirt before God. We are all.......,nothing but dirt, and can never be anything more.

Al said...

That's either a carrot or a stick, or both. It's not proof.

Starsplash said...

I agree though carrot or stick I do not know. Proof of God is his own to give. He decided to hide himself from men and to show himself to few. Since you want to see him and have proof he because you are a son of his will do so. Since you have now concluded that all of the prayers that you have made that have coincedently happened then you will pe shown proof that will not be mere coincedence. Think big Al, think impossible for men to duplicate. Careful.....a lot of people might get hurt.
Moses wanted proof. Was it deciept of words that it is written that he received proof or fact?

Al said...

All right.