Friday, August 15, 2008

Well! Someone has expressed an interest in my opinion!

There's something that doesn't happen every day. And it's not even my birthday anymore.

BTW, I resent the crack about the wacko in the basement. Who do you think you're talking to, sir? Of course, I don't claim to be a political party (although I am, apparently, the only bourgeois philistine in Minnesota).

Comments on Modern Whiggism, as I'm reading their website:
The block grant idea would be an improvement over what we're doing now. Of course, it would be better yet if the central government weren't the distributor of our taxes.

The Iraq and Afghanistan points are two steps in the right direction. I wouldn't bitch much if we did just that.

I think you'll discover the true meaning of "Government Failure" if you enact the policies in "Environmental Protection and National Security." Somebody will have to make judgments, and it won't be me or you. If it were me, I suspect you'd be sounding like an AFSCME member during the '80s.

Immigration: ah, it's another step in the right direction. But only assuming you accept the status quo. I like Ron Paul, but I thought his position on this was excessively statist.

China, Foreign Aid and the WTO: Tax breaks and deregulation in this country, re-establishing America as The Land of Opportunity are all we need. I can see tough inspections of foreign goods entering the country as well. Apply that to the people, too.

Israel: Agreed, though I haven't heard much to justify those settlement blocks.

Religion: Christmas and other religious displays on public property should be handled like any other demonstration. I think I'm agreeing with you here.

Gay Rights: damn right.

Health Care: freedom is the answer; not more mandates. But, like you, I question why birth control is excluded from drug coverage. I want to hear that excuse.

Abortion: I'll go for that.

Affirmative Action: yeah, that'd be better than the status quo.

Science and Technology: Damn! Amen, buddy!

On the matters where you advocate Federalism: I don't respect the states that much; St. Paul is every bit as much of a thorn in my side as Washington. Let's talk about bringing the authority down to the county level. Of course, in the end, I want it at the individual level.

OK, now I have to read somebody a story. You probably didn't notice that I had to stop and read to the littler girl once already.

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