Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Think I should write something?

I'm aghast at the Favre situation. Solzhenytzin died yesterday, and we went to the Deer River Rendezvous last weekend. Didn't have enough spare cash to "really" have fun, but we camped, we explored, we shopped, we told stories around the fire.

I borrowed 10 bucks from a guy to buy a throwing knife. ["I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a deadly weapon today."] Just when I was starting to get the hang of it, I bent the blade. I'm going to have to try out my new anvil.

Hey, Robert Ringer says the economy's about to go to s**t, so we should vote in the socialists so they can take the rap. I'll tell ya something, though: they might manage to mitigate the disaster by cutting our military spending. Of course, they'll keep asking the military to save the world, just without using money. And it'll be under the aegis of the UN.

Vote for Barr.

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