Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't wast time on BS

and, particularly, don't waste police resources on things you'll never get control of. That's a major message of mine and Art Carden reinforces my point in Sex, Violence, and the Culture War:
Stewardship demands that we use our resources wisely. This extends to the moral and political sphere as well as to personal finance. The relationship between pornography and crime illustrates the fact that in an imperfect world with limited resources — and, therefore, tradeoffs — seemingly black-and-white moral issues are more complex than they first appear. These studies suggest that legislative battles against pornography are likely to be counterproductive.

That's the last paragraph. I encourage you to read the rest. The important point is that it looks like the availability of internet porn reduces the number of rapes significantly. Keep the pervs at home, eh?

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