Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sorry. I've had a bit of a lock-up, due, I think,

to an excess of The Sims and Zoo Tycoon. I've deleted the latter, and a bunch of other games my daughter is less fond of, in the hopes that that will solve my problems, but I have to admit that I don't expect much from it. We may be due for another good wiping.

Or a new hard-drive. This thing's six years old. Can you expect more from a computer?

I seriously considered an external hard-drive to store the games, but they tell me that they're just rewritten to the C-drive every time they're played, so...

It's just fortunate that I bought the computer during a lull in advances.

Hey! It's Flag Day! I'm flying mine, how about you?

Unfortunately, my suppliers don't offer much for my store, or I'd give you a big spiel for one. I actually offer one, but there's no picture available, so I won't bug you further about it. The link's on the top-left there if you feel persistent.

A born salesman, I am.

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