Thursday, August 21, 2003

Well, folks...this is it. I was going to share the cure for hangover (the pain and nausea anyway) with the world, but knowing it has just made me into an alcoholic. Now I've gotta go into a twelve-step program. That's Alcoholics Anonymous to those who don't know. It's purely voluntary, though my wife did give me an ultimatum.

This kind of blows the anonymous part I guess. But the thing is that it seems like, even when I wasn't drinking, I was ruining people's lives with my smart mouth. Not everybody's life, just the people who took me seriously. Now maybe I can start to repair some of that.

Anyway, I find I can't give it up on my own. And it's not fair to ask my wife to be my supervisor. I don't take supervision well anyway.

The thing that makes this tough is that I'm such a radical for reason and individualism. I've never been a good example of it, I'm afraid. I keep letting the dark forces in my soul, or bad, old habits and self-indulgence, take over.

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