Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ah, it's been a while since I quoted Kevin Carson:

The next time you hear complaints about someone having a “bad attitude,” keep this in mind: It’s entirely because of people with “bad attitudes” that you’re not a slave. For the fact that you’re not working on a chain gang building a pyramid, you should thank all those whose previous bad attitudes won your present degree of freedom. Their bad attitudes echo down to us through time as the principal obstacle to your re-enslavement in the here and now.
It's from here. That's not the only great thing he said; read the whole thing.


The probligo said...

Heh! I read through that link... just to see how it went and this bit caught my eye -

So next time you hear some right-wing authoritarian express “gratitude” for all the freedoms that we’ve been “given” in this country, like we received our liberty from the beneficence of those in power..."

The most common form of this argument I have seen from the right wing attributes those freedoms not to "the beneficence of those in power" but to "God" (their "God", of course!).

"The man behind the curtain"?

Thanks Al, you have rescued my sanity following a particularly stormy session with "the tax man behind the curtain". (No, you do NOT want to know the details.)

As for myself, I do think that Carson has it wrong. A "good attitude" is not a matter of acquiesence. It is water versus rock. Nor is a "bad attitude" the better approach. In today's little session with the tax man, the gentle stream became a torrent, a raging flood. Out of the devastation floated a little piece of information. There is a form... It has taken 3 1/2 months for me to find that little factoid.

Now I have a letter to write.

Al said...

Is that the guy you're calling "the taxman behind the curtain?" That's a mighty interesting phrase.

Other than that, yeah, anybody who justifies decisions by our rulers either out of superpatriotism or hyperreligiosity bugs the h*** out of me.

T. F. Stern said...

You made my day with that quote. I've been labeled a trouble maker for as long as I can remember. Folks in the police dept kept telling me I had to learn how to blend in; never did blend in. Folks in the locksmith associations get to feeling uncomfortable when I point out how we're being subjugated and how our own leadership doesn't have the backbone to stand up for us. Now it seems I'm doing something right?

The probligo said...

Sorry Al, I would normally have put a line under the "Man behind the curtain"? to indicate end of idea - new idea...

I can understand the discomfort that some of TF's lock-smithing compatriots might feel. It is extremely difficult to argue the metaphysics of the source of man's rights. That difficulty multiplies when the parson is TF. :):) TF. I am still reading your latest rant and deciding whether it is worth the time to reply.