Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Does anybody know why I can't download my camera anymore?

For the past few months, when I plug in my camera and turn it on, it's been making a different noise than it used to. I can take pictures with it but I can't get the computer to recognize the camera.


The probligo said...

Al, can you see the photos "on camera" using the "review" function?

If you can, the SD card must still be working. If you can not then I would guess that it is damaged in some way.

Similarly does the frame count change as you take photos?

Can you get the SD card out of the camera easily? If you can, I suggest you invest in a SD card reader - mine is a "Delkin Device" DDReader 38. That will handle everything from camera to backing up the micro-sd in your phone.

Plug that into a port, and you can read it just like any other storage device.

Come back on how you get on..

Al said...

Yep and yep. The memory card is full. 253 pictures, but it didn't have half that the last time I tried to download them. That sounds like an interesting gadget. I'll check that out.

Al said...

I looked at the Delkin Device, but it doesn't work with Vista so I bought another gadget: a Kingston 19-in-1 USB 2.0 Flash Memory Card Reader FCR-HS219/1.

Can you tell I cut and pasted that? I suppose I could have dumped the "FCR-HS219/1". Try dropping that into a normal conversation.