Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I mentioned a while back that I enjoy a good heresy now and then

They used to call these people Devil Worshippers. They seem to be sweeping some things under the rug in this article.

All sorts o' fun stuff here.


The probligo said...

Hmm, interesting piece of sociology there old Al. Very.

Followed up a couple of the links there, specifically the one (fourth of fifth on the goog page) leading to a discussion of the religion.

The point was made (and very justifiably) that in some religions – the Roman and Greeks are first to mind, then possibly Viking and certainly Hindu – the “worship” of evil gods is quite common. That “worship” most often takes the form of propitiation rather than supplication; acknowledge the evil so that the bad does not happen; worship the good so that good will happen.

Makes me wonder if it would be worth having a little shrine in the corner of the office to “the Murphy” in order to reduce the number of “Murphy Law” attacks.

Al said...

Ha! Funny.

Yup, they're not worshipping evil or chaos or anything like that. Just farmers going to church on...whatever day they do that. Celebrating birth, marriage, good crops, death... They just don't think like the neighbors, so they have to be destroyed. Or at least quarantined. Except for the tourist money.