Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Here's a good quote, from a guy named Nathan:

Even if we take the premise that atheism is religion, if you're going to call atheism a cult then you must logically, implicitly admit that all religion consists of cults. But then the starting premise ultimately leads to the realm of nihilism, a self-detonating position.

Religion is about the bigoted, prejudicial thinking that dismisses the lack of evidence or evidence to the contrary in favor of a given position.

Atheism is accepting the lack of evidence and considering evidence to the contrary. You couldn't get more opposite than that.

It's in response to this video by Richard Dawkins:

Another commenter brings up Darwin's "On the Origin of Species." You can find that on line here.


The probligo said...

Dawkins is like one of those bad songs that sticks in your mind long; it means nothing; it annoys; it attaches itself to as many waking thoughts as it can; it is the perpetual brain itch.

One thing to be said for him; he has made himself as rich as Bishop Tamaki (at least) from his religion. That should qualify him for selling Eiffel Towers to Sudanese refugees, or ice to Inuit.

Al said...

I disagree.