Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Russell Madden, besides the new quote above,

in his article, Government and Anarchism:
The major flaw I find in the anarchist argument is that most proponents assume the existence of the society-wide set of freedom-oriented principles necessary to make the idea of competing private defense agencies viable yet offer no acceptable means (within their own premises of explicit consent, open competition, and so on) of having those basic principles established nationally and applied to everyone, willing or not. If one group of people belongs to an agency that accepts, say, communal provision of food, water, and medicine, then the members do not consent to the objectively valid principle of non-initiation of force, etc. Yet how can they -- in the anarchists' worldview -- be bound to a set of principles they refuse to accept or consent to, a set of principles that they sincerely believe to be invalid?

So, One World Government it is.

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