Friday, October 17, 2008

In the spirit of "Let Every Man Be Armed"

Here's some information I think every employee ought to have in his arsenal: How to Fire Your Boss.

For informational and amusement purposes only. I've got no plans to use any of this myself at the moment, but like I say, be armed.

I got that link from Kevin Carson's Pamphlet, "The Ethics of Labor Struggle." That's the whole thing on his blog, minus the cover picture.

Oh, I wanted to quote of little of that for you:
When the theory predicts that in a free market wages will be determined by the productivity of labor, and we see that they aren't, what's the obvious conclusion? That this isn't a free market. That we're dealing with power relations, not market relations.

In a state capitalist market, where some component of employer profits are rents extracted from the employee because of state enforced unequal exchange, organized labor action may provide the bargaining leverage to reduce those ill gotten gains.

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