Thursday, September 01, 2011

Study links bad parenting to binge drinking I got that from Stef who got it from the Daily Mail who got it from Demos. The Demos article is the best. It actually defines the parenting styles discussed. Stef just gave the link and the Daily Mail's summary of the summary isn't informative enough. It might even be a little misleading. I think it is, without this:
Tough love or authoritative parents: Parents falling into this category tend to expect that their children will conform to household rules and boundaries but that these will be set and negotiated within a context that encourages autonomy in the children’s decision-making. Such parents have high standards but support their children warmly in adhering to them; in their enforcement of rules such parents are assertive without being aggressive.


The probligo said...

Big topic in NZ too, following a long history of "binge" drinking.

Started with "the six-o'clock swill"; down as much as possible between knock-off time and pubs closing at 6pm. That ended in the mid-60's.

Then came licenced restaurants, and the abolition of the "wholesaler" who were replaced by a vague equivalent of the English "off-licence".

Now? There is a convenience store up the road, flanked by three takeaways and two liquor stores. Another 800 metres down the road there is another, along with a bakery, a takeaway and a liquor store. Another 500 metres and there are a cake shop, a restaurant, and three liquor stores.

The biggest problem in my mind stems from the change in the "minimum drinking age" from 20 to 18. The second biggest problem are the parents who provide under-age kids (not always their own children) with a 40oz bottle of vodka and tell them "Have a good time". BTW the two would be inter-changeable depending on my mood at the time.

Seeing kids as old as 11 pissed out of their brains and fighting in the street, or worse dying from alchohol poisoning in the street, does tend to turn the stomach.

Al said...

I've never seen a drunk kid (that I could tell, anyway). I saw a small gang of them smoking crack once. (I harassed them a bit, by driving by them several times and obviously eyeballing them.)

It does turn the stomach.