Friday, September 09, 2011

Hey! Look! The Tibetan Book of the Dead!

Right here!

Or, maybe it'd behoove me [you've never seen me in hooves] to do this:
The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Book of Natural Liberation Through Understanding in the Between


The probligo said...

Reminds me of a series of books recommended to me when I was young and naive.

Written by a bloke named Lobsang Rampa if memory serves right. About temporal flying and things like that. Ranked with von Daniken in my book. Sorry.

Interesting read for a glimpse of another culture and religion is "Book of the Dead".

Al said...

That's about it, yes, but sometimes I get a jones for that sort of thing.

Al said...

I emailed the whole first book to my wife. Not sure if she got it {as a joke}.