Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I'm fine

Running. I've got a race Saturday, the Manitou 15K around White Bear Lake. I liked that run back in 2007 so I wanted to do it again. I ran about that distance just now in 110 minutes, compared to 93 minutes for the race back then, but training isn't racing. Plus, I think it's warmer now than it will be Saturday morning. They're predicting thunderstorms.

I'll post the results on the other blog (linked at the bottom of my link bar).

We went up to the inlaws place on Lake Vermilion for Memorial Day weekend. Sid and I put the track system in, so we could take a boat ride and we enjoyed a cruise around Birch Point and back. Very nice. The lilacs are still in bloom up there and the wild roses are blooming in the ditches.

The kids went in swimming and the puppy thought she'd join them. I think she's decided she's not a water dog. The waters pretty cold yet. The ice typically isn't off the lake until the second week of May.

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