Monday, May 24, 2010

Following the dictate of Xerxes, or whoever it was,

I worked up my sweat today by teaching the Little One to ride a bike. We're not there yet, but she's getting better. I'm just holding her under the arms to help her balance. I keep bashing my ankles on the long bolts that formerly held the training wheels. I need to remember to wear boots next time.

It wasn't hard to work up a sweat, it was 93° and humid as heck today. I'm sure it was hotter whereever you are, but that's by far the hottest it's been this year up here. We're lookin' at thunderstorms for the next couple days.

Oh! I forgot to mention, we got a puppy the other day! A schnoodle! Cutest little thing! Definitely a lap dog.


The probligo said...

"I'm sure it was hotter whereever you are..."

Temp today was 19C, raining (persisting down is the politest description I know).

The past week has been the first real rain since November. We have fluding in the far south, gales in Wellington...

My sister is happy because it is still warm enough for some grass growth for her beasties.

All round a perfect winter's week of little discontent.

Al said...

I just realized that I mentally flip NZ upside down when I visualize it. My calculator just told me that that 19C is about one degree F cooler than 93F. Does that sound right?

Double-checking: no it's 66.2F. A pretty pleasant temp when it's sunny and dry. Vs. 34C here.