Sunday, April 04, 2010

They made better looking cars back in the '30s

See these beauties.

I was going to say, 'No matter how you slice it, that '33 Plymouth Coupe is a beautiful car' 'til I looked at some of these a little closer. It is, indeed, possible to slice 'em so I don't like 'em.  Whoops!  I meant these, not those.  Same difference, as my mother would say, but wrong for the context.

By the way, I got that picture here.

'20s cars are too utilitarian and '40s cars are too rounded for my taste. I like that long, sleek, sexy/curvy look they had in the '30s. They made a lot of good-lookin' cars in the mid-50s to late '60s too, and a few since, but my favorites are from the '30s.

I told you about the old antique car museum in Muskogee that my Dad took me to.  I'm not sure I conveyed the depth of my mourning when my Mom took me to one of her antique booths a decade ago and it was in that building and the cars were all gone.  I'd visited the place, I think, four times.  I could have recited many of the plaques to you at one point.  When I was in there with Mom, I walked around and looked at the place where the copper Rolls Royce had been and Hitler's Mercedes, and...I don't remember what all else, it's been too long, and I haven't spent that much of my time dwelling on it, really... 

But the place was a touchstone to me.  "Antique Car Museum" indeed!  It was like a shrine to me!  The only reason that made any sense as a name, was that the collection was so eclectic that only a broad term could cover them all.  Unless you wanted to call it "Shrine to Automotive Artistry." 

I always looked for the billboard for it and I always looked to make sure it was still open whenever we passed by.  I did bring the wife and the boys there, back in the early '90s.  I'm glad of that.

Anyway, when I was in there with Mom, some old geezer was sweeping the floor and complaining that there were no visitors.  Mom commisserated with him a bit and he moved on.  Then she told me that he was the owner,  and he'd sold all the cars due to some legal difficulty...  Dude, I really wanted to cry then.


T. F. Stern said...

I did a locksmith job for a fellow in the middle of an ugly divorce. He'd married a true gold digger and had sense enough not to divulge to the woman everything he owned. He never told her about some property he had, a huge empty warehouse with about twenty antique cars similar to the ones you showed. Some of them had to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, hand made with wood frames, huge crystal radiator covers and head lights the size of basketballs. That was twenty years or so back.

The gold digger got his house and half his income from a business he'd had long before he ever met her. Poor sap got targeted by a pro.

Al said...

We'd better study up on those gold diggers. Our day is coming.