Thursday, August 27, 2009


People will do anything to believe that they are good.

Men will die and kill for the State, if they believe that a good man fights for his country. People will surrender more than half their income to the State, if they believe that the State is helping the poor, housing the homeless, healing the sick, or other such nonsense. They will cheer blank-eyed murderers if they are convinced that a good person "supports the troops." They will give up their liberties if they believe that doing so is "patriotic."

The lesson – and our potential salvation – is that morality rules the world. Whoever controls morality controls the hearts, minds and future of mankind. Morality is the invisible physics that rules all our fundamental choices. Why do thousands of Muslims kneel together? Because they believe that they are good for doing so. Why do parents still herd their children into the vicious pens of government-run schools? Because they believe that education is essential, and without the State, poor people would be a trapped, ignorant underclass. Why do they support spiraling taxes and murderous waiting times in state-run health care systems? Because they don’t want poor people dying in the streets.

Our enemies, the statists, know this well. Look at their language. ‘The Patriot Act.’ Who doesn’t want to be a patriot? Social Security. Health and Welfare. Who wants to be against those things? Medicare. Who’s against medical care?

Staring at their pillaged paychecks and property taxes, people hate the State in their hearts, but they feel guilty for it, because the State owns the moral discourse (which is, incidentally, why the State had to take control of the schools first). As they say, once a Catholic, always a Catholic. The same is true for morality. Once a statist, always a statist. We can fight all we want, but if we don’t utterly condemn the morality of the statist argument, we will always lose.


Starsplash said...

Molypew is a coward standing up for the principle of CS running.

Al said...


Starsplash said...

I mean that what he is saying is that an athiest is just for himself because "you come into the world naked and alone and you die alone" and there is nothing or nobody that is truly on your side so you could be an every man for himself, Cowards. You run from a fight or even the hint of a fight even lie to keep from arguing or out of fear. I have never had a stand up argument with a chicken -st athiest, never. They are to afraid of getting hurt.
Survival of the fittest requires more flight than fight. Do you know why the soviets would have never pushed the button. It was contraindicatory to there personal survival.

The Soviets were right in the sense we were far more likely to throw every nuke in our arsenal at them at the drop of a hat because we are not afraid to die if it came to that.