Friday, March 13, 2009

Sorry. I've been spending every free moment

trying to catch up with that anarchist, atheist, apostate-Objectivist, anti-family* Stefan Molyneux.

I think he's pretty cool, naturally.

I'm almost hesitant to suggest a starting point, but if you're having any problems with anybody (at all), Real-Time Relationships is quite likely to direct you to the solution. Otherwise, run through that page top to bottom. That's what I did.

Payday's Monday, Stef.

*[Added later] He's been accused of being anti-family. What he really is, is pro chosen relationships; you find yourself quite accidentally thrown in with your family: if they don't hold their relationship with you sacred, then neither should you. The sacred bond is already broken. See if you can repair it - with techniques he provides, but if you can't, it may be time to get out. Don't hurt anybody, just declare personal independence.

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