Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Robert Ringer:

I am a hard-core, free-market capitalist. As such, I believe that a deflationary depression is a good thing for the economy because it shakes out excesses. It exposes the lie of artificial wealth. Above all, it calms the soul, tempers our gluttonous instincts, and causes us to refocus our priorities.


Leaving out some softening transitions (I'm eliding them, I mean), he also says:
Always keep in mind that you have free will, which means that you can choose to find both business and personal opportunities that will not be visible to those who are focused on what they believe they are entitled to. Such people are likely to have a difficult time accepting the reality that the Age of Gluttony is coming to an end.

Remember that WASP Work Ethic? Actually Weber said Protestant work ethic. As a German, he had to include the Luths. And no Catholic ever works hard, not to mention those heretics and heathens... Atheists?! Forget about it! What have they got to work for? All they are is dust in the wind!

Jeez! What's gotten into me?

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