Monday, December 01, 2008

Hey, Barak! Let's have a little of

this Swedish Socialism!
The big difference between the education system in Sweden and the UK is that, in Sweden parents are given an educational voucher for each child, and they use that voucher to apply for any school they want to.

It has certainly led to a wide variety of providers, with Waldorf Steiner, Montessori, confessional (faith schools) and traditionally-run schools which emphasise the basics and are strong on discipline.

Bertil Ostoberg, the Swedish Secretary of State for Education, summarised the scheme as "providing freedom of choice for the parents and the pupils, much wider freedom of choice". He added: "They have to compete to provide a high quality to get pupils. We think this competition has led to a higher quality in the system."

I'm not sure, Prob, but I think this addresses your comment on the last post.

Of course, nobody but white, northern europeans are really capable of handling freedom.* Where's the shower? I've got too much sarcasm dripping off me.

*That comment is NOT directed at you, Prob. But I do know people who think that. They're Democrats.

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