Monday, June 09, 2008

All right, Bob, I'll be checking that out.

This, I mean. Those are things worthy of meditation.

I was looking into Jesus Christ and Cthulhu et al today.

I really need to learn to focus.

My wife didn't find the latter funny at all and forbade me to allow my daughter to read it. I found it via this interesting character.

The Jesus guy I found quite inspirational when I heard Ian Punnett on Coast to Coast AM interviewing him [very] early this morning. [Ew! Ugly sentence alert!] I think he's got it. I "sacrificed" a lot of sleep to listen to the whole three hours, and I'll be downloading those mp3s.

No focus at all.

OTOH, here's some cool stuff. And more cool stuff.

And it looks like Hello Cthulhu has been discontinued.

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