Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Scattering my attention all over hell

"Strewing seed like Onan on a merry-go-round," as Lileks once said. This quote is gratis--apropos of nothing, as the french-speakers say.

Anyway, I mentioned FukiBlog... He's dancing on Arafat's grave.

Froggy Ruminations reminds us why the Old Testament is canonical.

And I heard a blogger named Rick on Hugh Hewitt mention that he had a series of posts telling us what we're up to. Somebody tell me where he hid the third post.

Hugh Hewitt (try typing that three times fast) is pushing Arlen Specter because we don't want to piss off the RINOs when it comes time for judicial confirmations. He says it better, read the above linked post. I heard Hugh first, then read Sowell, then got caught in Hugh's web again. Let Specter have the job. We've expressed our irritation. Our warning. If he bleeps it up, we call for his head.

Semper Fi to you Marines out there! And God bless you all.

Update: you gotta see this! If you enjoyed The Hot Zone (or whatever verb is appropriate), check this out!

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