Friday, June 21, 2013

UPB confusion

It seems to me that the majority of objections to Universally Preferable Behavior that I've seen, stem from a belief that morality MUST have a crapload of baggage attached. People can't believe that it's really just "Don't hit, don't steal, use your words." Universalized. Force may be used to stop hitting and stealing, and failing to persuade people to help you is, de facto, ostracism.

Defensive force must be proportional, which, I'm afraid, can only be defined by experiment.


Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

My problem is I don't really understand UPB. Do you have any links that might help? I've struggled with the book, it just does not start at the beginning and tell me what I need to know. Was it my UPB FAQ that attracted your attention? ( I noticed your comment on another of my posts.