Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Independent, you say...

Let me count myself into his brand of independence. There've been but few more eloquent defenses of libertarians than this: What Type of Housepet Are You?

By the way, with regard to the cartoon that inspired the article, righties could say that they Left feels the same way about their corporate masters. The author's critique remains as incisive either way.

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The probligo said...

After reading that, I think he should perhaps have titled it "What kind of pet do you own?"

Applying that question to the gummint here I can only conclude that what we got here is the equivalent of the chihuahua sitting in a rich man's wallet (not lady's handbag :) ). All yapping and fawning but liable to take your ankle out if you are not part of the family.

Auntie Helen's lot finished up like the old family cat that is approaching senility. Spends most of the day asleep, walks outside to greet the neighbours, clamours to be fed, then goes back to sleep.

We (the NZ electorate) owned both those "pets".