Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Listening to political talk on the radio today

I had a thought: if everybody listened to the anarcho-capitalist message, nobody would volunteer to die for powermongers' BS arguments.

That pretty much is the message: don't cooperate in your own (or anyone else's) murder.


The probligo said...

Al, I will apologise if I have told you this yarn before. It comes from a radio programme first broadcast in the late '70's.

It centres on a guy who invented a machine for interpreting politicians' speeches. After trying it out and proving - fairly conclusively - that what was said was little more than a long way of saying nothing it was put aside.

Then, a strange radio source was detected in a remote part of the South Island. After some time trying to work out what it was, the politicians' speech interpreter was pulled out and hitched into the radio source.

It became immediate apparent that the radio source was the alien occupants of a UFO communicating with their mother ship.

To cut to the end of a fairly long (and for me hilarious) story, the aliens defined "elections" as -

"the process by which the 200 most unpopular members of society were selected, locked in a beehive, where they then proceeded to pass repressive laws against those who had put them there". (Note that the Government building in Wellington is known (because of its shape) as "The Beehive").

Al said...