Friday, December 16, 2011

The trouble with

football analogies is that there's no clock in this game. And no boundaries to the field - the stands, the locker room, the parking lot and the road from your house to the field are all in bounds.

But it would certainly be unwise to completely ignore your point, Mr. Callahan - you've earned your bona fides [link to a pdf of his book there]. The theory has to explain the anomalies.

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The probligo said...

The theory has to explain the anomalies.

And 100% agreement there, Al.

Oh for the day when an exposition opposing "a principle" has to examine the presented alternative and explain the anomalies the alternative might create. Perhaps then statements such as Callaghan's comment that - have the libertarians been losing football games over the decades?"

Government keeps getting larger.

Two lengthy foreign wars have been fought.

The Patriot Act passed.

Habeas Corpus has now been abolished.

Banks are given trillions in bailouts.

Medicine is being socialized.

need to have the anomalies explained. F'rinstance, "the socialisation of medicine". NZ is under pressure in the PPT discussions from the major drug companies, via the US Government negotiating team, to change the drug purchasing system NZ uses (google "pharmac" and get the NZ side of the argument).

If "the socialisation of medicine" is "a bad thing", what are the alternatives? Medical services that only the rich can afford?

There be the dragons that the proposers of alternatives (and it is common on all sides) have to avoid for the simple reason that it shows the cracks in their positions.