Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ya know? I may have to set aside some time Sunday

to watch the Packers. I caught 10 minutes of the game two weeks ago (when I got home from the marathon), but otherwise I haven't been thinking about football.

Now that it actually feels and looks like Fall outside - not to mention the fact that they've got a 5-0 record and the best quarterback I've had the pleasure of watching in my life (sorry Brett) - I'm starting to feel like it's time for football.

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The probligo said...

Take a look around the cable, try to find a (hopefully) top line game of rugby (NZ-style football) tonight or tomorrow a.m. It is NZ v Australia; semi-final of the Rugby World Cup. France won the first semi, so this will definitely be the "final" tonight. Who-ever wins this tonight will cream the Frenchies next Saturday.

Kickoff should be about 12.30 a.m. your time but take a look for repeats. Or perhaps on the net?


Enjoy the Packers!!