Saturday, January 08, 2011

Are Handerpants for real?

I gotta know!

If so, I gotta get me some!


Chester said...

Yes! They are real. If you look on Flickr you can find pictures of satisfied cusomters.

Al said...

I'll give ya three bucks for a pair.

The probligo said...

I recommend these.

The idea is not new by any means. When I saw your post, Al, the first thought was "Do they have a fly? If so, why?" lol

Al said...

Only 10 bucks more than Handerpants! Seems like quite a bargain for those. I'm looking at them with lust in my heart right now, after my run in 3 degree weather. Fahrenheit, of course. Three degrees Celsius is balmy. (As opposed to barmy.)

The probligo said...

lol 3F is barmy, 3C is balmy.

The last time I saw 3C was on Ruapehu (at about 3,000 ft) about 25 years back. And it was trying to snow at the time. B****y wet! :D:D

These would be worth a look as well. Not waterproof, but certainly warm inside a good pair of boots. Never know, you could start a trend in running wear! :D:D