Sunday, October 03, 2010

Did the TCM today.

Pretty close to 4:30.  I'd guess 4:32 something, but I forgot to stop my stopwatch at the finish, so I don't know for sure.  I caught it at 4:34, after I'd picked up my medal, spaceblanket and a banana. 

Once again this year, it was cool out, but sunny.  It went from about 34° (F - approximately 1° C) to maybe 55° while I was running. Didn't even need to hunt shade.  Very little wind.  Perfect day for a marathon.  You gotta wear a couple layers at the start and shed them as you go, but it gives you something to do down the road.  Besides hunt the hottest babes to run behind.*

*No, I didn't - but a couple did pass me and run in front of me for a couple miles.

Edit: HOLY CRAP!!!  I was aiming for 4:30 and LOOK AT THIS!!!

Watch out what you tell your subconscious, eh?  [Don't call me a "sub-" conscious.]


The probligo said...

That is b****y good going, there.

If the ol knees and ticker could stand it I might give it a try myself. But then I have always run like a Sherman tank; and I doubt that I could afford the heavy traffic fees... :):) ;)

Al said...

Sore legs this morning. Minor foot injury - trying to go flat, but I can walk on it without limping. I must be getting good at this game.