Saturday, January 02, 2010

Murder of crows?

Who makes this crap up?

I can't imagine that most of these have been used in normal conversation. A nuisance of cats?


The probligo said...

I recognise some of those as being traditional - so blame the Anglo-Saxon ancestors for them.

There are some I might

Penguins - A scream of penguins (especially when they roost under your house)

Tef said...

I thought I bitched about the murder of crows thingy some years back!

Al said...

Actually, I thought I had, myself, but I couldn't find it. I guess it was you, tef. Anyway, looking those up was the most interesting thing that happened around here during the holidays.

LibertyBob said...

I always thought chickens came in buckets.

Al said...

That's pretty much all we ate during the holidays.