Thursday, September 17, 2009

I checked in on Ron this morning

He's got a couple of interesting posts, one about The Flood, And then it rained for forty days and forty nights, which links to a Wikipedia article about Burckle Crater, off the shore of Madagascar, which seems to me to be quite a plausible natural explanation of the world's flood myths. In the other post, Pingualuit, Ron connects the effects of the formation of a crater in extreme northern Quebec, to his belief that Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled by a giant meteorite strike by 2076 or so.

Such a strike is well within the realm of possibility.

Read all those articles, they're pretty interesting. The Deluge Myth article has plenty that I wish Ron would "get," as well as a number of things he wishes I would get.


Starsplash said...

Interesting. That you would note that I don't just make outlandish predictions without some sorte of practical scientific backing (right now I have to not recommend wireless keyboards). For what it is worth I said those things before I knew or any one knew about the 'whatever' crater in the Indian Ocean.

About the 2076 I don't remember saying 2076 If so then I have since amended it to 2070 max time limit. That is the time frame which I say all of the rest of the things written in the bible must happen and are real or are just fantasy.

Ie. Athiest are going to have to be patient for another 61 years at least, in order to find out.

As for me it all will happen.

The probligo said...

Ah, the sweet smell of Christian numerology in the morning... One good thing is that this atheist will be well past having to worry about 2070 (or 2076 for that matter). In the same way, too, that I worried about the passing of the millenium, 1961, and all of the other "end of the world" dates.

What is your derivation of "666" Ron?

Starsplash said...

I don't know what your talking about. I have never heard of any numerology sect amongst christians.
I do know one thing though that athiests are those who dwell in the earth.

Either way none of us will be alive in 2070. Keeping track of the times according to the bible does require that you discern what certain phrases meant in their day.
For instance in the book of Daniel the word for weeks really was in the ancient terminology meant 7 year time periods. As such you have to do some math. I got curious and did my own. It was a simple matter of taking the bible litteraly and not symbolically.
I am not a nemurologist any more than you or are you probligo.

Ah 666.

First the verses from Revelations.
Rev 13:17 AndG2532 thatG2443 noG3361 manG5100 mightG1410 buyG59 orG2228 sell,G4453 saveG1508 he that hadG2192 theG3588 mark,G5480 orG2228 theG3588 nameG3686 of theG3588 beast,G2342 orG2228 theG3588 numberG706 of hisG848 name.G3686
Rev 13:18 HereG5602 isG2076 wisdom.G4678 Let him that hathG2192 understandingG3563 countG5585 theG3588 numberG706 of theG3588 beast:G2342 forG1063 it isG2076 the numberG706 of a man;G444 andG2532 hisG848 numberG706 is Six hundred threescore and six.G551

Written 600 20 20 20 6. We assume from this verse 600+20+20+20+6. When reading this verse though it is written much more like a word puzzle.

I am sure I could go on and on but I think I wlll simplify this by by simply asking you what your number is. You answer that question in your own mind and that will answer your question as to what I think 666 means or is.

In alot of ways you really must know what they were saying back then to understand how miraculous it is that the predictions that were made then came true today precisely to the year. There are men who do know the timing better than I do though I have heard the sermons I didn't memorize them. What they do that is so stupid is interject there on insane idea of what it all means which is why people like you probligo are so damn skeptical about the voracity of the bible and ri-ligion in general.

I fairly well reject nemorogy as a way of living anyway.

Starsplash said...

All of the gaps out it looks like. 6002020206.

I am not prognosticating the end of the world. Just the
holo-caustic end of liars rule of it.

Starsplash said...

After rereading. The terminology deluge myth is not accurate. There is way too much evidence that suggests otherwise. It is not a myth.

It must have really happened.

Starsplash said...

More rereading.

From the wikipedia Burkle
(with the first two figures, Fuxi and Nuwa, as husband and wife credited with being the ancestors of humankind after a devastating flood).
I see nothing here to say that there were any more than one family(inferred).

The probligo said...

As usual Ron...

"I have never heard of any numerology sect amongst christians"

and the next paragraph is all about one derivation of "666" direct from The Bible.


Starsplash said...

No not strange just a prediction of the future.

By the way why are you so bothered by Christianity anyway?

The probligo said...

Not bothered at all Ron.

Your (and others') obsession with superstitions like "predicting the end of the world" is a real hoot.

Starsplash said...

Then why all the attacks against Christianity? Prove that I am not right . I Dare you.
Throw your self upon that stone.
Watch your works be broken.
It will break you I gaurentee it.

People like you probligo have been attacking Chirstiainty with scoffing for millenieum now. YET miraculously the number of Christians continue to grow. HMMMM I wonder why? That alone is proof of God.

Isa 9:7 Of the increaseH4766 of his governmentH4951 and peaceH7965 there shall be noH369 end,H7093 uponH5921 the throneH3678 of David,H1732 and uponH5921 his kingdom,H4467 to orderH3559 it, and to establishH5582 it with judgmentH4941 and with justiceH6666 from henceforthH4480 H6258 even for ever.H5704 H5769 The zealH7068 of the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635 will performH6213 this.H2063

Explain to me why the number of people in Russia who now believe in God has now risen to 51% since the iron curtain has come down.

Since you make every effort to provoke with juvinile personal verble attacks I presume you have nothing concrete against Chrisianity, hence it must be personal, such as you are a criminal or something and you got busted for somethng you think is ok but us righteous christians got laws passed that got you in trouble or is it you are just spoiled little baby crying waaa boo hoo over the fact that righteousness keeps on winning and existing, foiling your plans at world domintaion. Or is your guilty concience wearing you out.
That guilt is God, you know that don't you.

Either way you got no scientific proof says I'm wrong and you know it. All you got is innuendo and insults and that is worse than superstition.

I am going for acting out against your guilty concience by projecting world problems upon Christins since you can't attack God directly.

You are an enemy of the Constitution of the United States of America in that I have no doubt.

One last thing. Jesus loved you so much he died for you Probligo.

The probligo said...

Ron, thanks for the light-hearted humour to start my week.

You started with a mathematical miscalculation, or a typo. You denied the inclusion of numerology in Christianity. Then in the same comment showed it is alive and well. You end up with what can only be described as a tirade. Hurt feelings there somewhere? Ron, we have been down this path before. You have your beliefs, that is not of any concern to me But you really should try and sort out your own head. There is an obvious and considerable confusion there about the "content" of your beliefs.

As an example, the conversation here shows that you do not really understand what "numerology" is; you do not really understand the use of numerology within Christianity.

Am I "attacking Christianity"? No, but I really enjoy testing your understanding of it. As a belief system there is nothing "wrong" with it in the same way as there is nothing wrong with Hindu, Shinto, Bhuddism or Islam.

I can understand why "the number of Christians is increasing". First, because Christians are having children. Nothing wrong with that; I have two of my own. Whether they follow Christianity or not is their choice, not mine.

The only brushes I have ever had with the law was driving a car that did not have a current fitness certificate; and a speeding ticket which I paid without a qualm simply because I was exceeding the limit. As there was some 40 years between the two events I reckon I have not done too bad.

As for "projecting the world's problems on Christians"; that is as may be. If the cap fits I am happy to help you wear it. If "a world problem" is caused by Islamic extremeists I will hold them to account as well. If my government does something stupid, I will not hesitate to point that out. And if the President of the World... ackackackack... United States does something stupid I reserve the right to point that out as well.

You are right with one thing. There are things I have done (and not done) in my life that I regret. None of them illegal; none of them immoral either if it come to that; but all of them stupid. Is that a guilty conscience? Yes, I guess. But then, I wonder, what about your conscience Ron? All free and lovely and washed clean?

But the biggest laugh of the lot is the idea that the ol' probligo is the "enemy of the Constitution of the United States". Yep, I reckon that I could fight a piece of paper. Got that much strength and ability left.

I can tell you exactly when the world will end; my world.

It will end at the exact second that I die. Am I afraid of that happening? Not a jot. It is the logical and inevitable end to the probligo.

You afraid of death, Ron?

The probligo said...


"Prove that I am not right."

That ranks with asking Saddam to prove that he did not have WMD's. He didn't, but it is impossible to prove the negative. That aside, Christianity has as much and equal "truth" as the Norse mythology, the Greek mythology, Hinduism and Buddhism, any of the religions.

"Explain to me why the number of people in Russia who now believe in God has now risen to 51% since the iron curtain has come down."

Simple. Because the State stopped oppressing the conduct of religions and religious worship. Can you explain why only (about) 45% of NZers believe in God, and why less that 30% attend church on a regular basis?

"Since you make every effort to provoke with juvinile personal verble attacks I presume you have nothing concrete against Chrisianity..."

I would have spelt it "juvenile", "verbal", and "Christianity" but then what is a few typo's huh! Like the difference between 2070 and 2076. And for once you are right, I have nothing against Christianity. I am not a believer.

Oh that's right, one of the points that I was going to make - keep your own page going. You won't ever see me there. At least not while there is a content warning in place from Google. Good Christianity that man.

Starsplash said...

Yah I could be nice and say that you misunderstand me but then I really get the feeling that you are twisting my words around for your own nefarious ends.
I did not say that I did not see the value in the numbers in the bible I said that I did not live by numerology.If you get that straight about me then you understand that numerology is of course alive and well but I don't live by them.
It also shows that you do not comprehend the bible. Not even in the least of things elst wise you would drop all of your arguments against Christians.
Tirades. Mwha. You ain't even come close to seeing one of my tirades yet. They are excruciatingly nasty. Or wait a minute maybe you have-about 5 years ago I had one hell of an argument with someone just like you.I have never lost one of those arguments. Never.
In fact none of my brother or sisters have ever seen nor heard one of them. Pray tell you don't. I would simply shred you with words in such a manner as you can not imagine.
All you are doing is making an argument for the sake of arguing. Like some old ancient philosopher I heerd of. Making up stuff from some crazy accusatory idea aimed at discrediting something to which you have not got one clue. Attacking peoples because of some insane attitude you have developed from other apparent crazy people who have no clue either. Totally ignoring valled scientific evidence. Using subliminally denigrating and insulting language vaguely disguised as discourse.
And then get upset when it gets thrown back in your face like you were above it all when all the time you were hoping that some kind of brouhaha would develop so that you could say, see see, that's what I ma talking about "you hurt my feeeelings". Well big whoop de do your a big boy now you should be able to handle it.
So yeah I know your kind. You know how I deal with your kind face to face. I give them so much more than thay want. I leave them with a serious fear that maybe they went too far and were lucky to get away without getting put in hospital. Turns out that verbal bullies like you are just like the bullies that picked on me when I was a kid. They really didn't think I would or could kick there ass and when they found out the other way they were so goddamn glad to escape me that it literally became a life changing event for them. Same way verbally.
So you want to have an honest discourse with me be my guest but don't go down the BS road you are trying to right now.

Starsplash said...

Last but not least the world only sees external meanings and signs but I tell you this God does not care for external signs that means that I can and do cuss like a sailor. Catholics drink like fish and others do other things. Big whoop. I don't care. Jesus loves me just the way I am.
How would you have a blue collar person a Harvard graduate? Mha not going to happen.That's just your excuse when the real reason you don't believe in God is because you don't believe in God. So what.
The angst you carry out against Christianity is totally without reason.
I say you cannot prove me wrong but time will prove me right. Just like it did from the last five years of my publicly decrying the state of affairs here in the US proved out perfectly even down to the numbers of unemployed. Mha. lets see you do that. But nooo your to busy bashing Christians to do that.
But wait a minute were not done yet with my predictions and prognostications yet. I made many predictions starting 13 years ago for 20 years. We got 7 more years of predictions I made left. Predictions I made by God. And asked God to make happen. And guess what it's happening. You want proof of God there it is. So I really don't care if you believe or not if these things are going to happen and no matter what you do or anyone does you can't stop them from happening.
Fact is the predictions really need you to not believe that they will happen so that they will.It actually makes me a little nervous that your kind would repent and the world would change which would make me a kook. So long as they keep happening I look like the wisest man on earth.But I will defer you to the Almighty as the power behind it. I just got a little insight that's all.
Superstitions are not superstitions if they happen in real life now are they?

Starsplash said...

You want to know know one of the main ones. I predicted a long slow agonizing painful slide to the American economy. It's happening slow as a slug but it is happening.
It is what it is.

PS. words are not weapons, they are just provocations.

I am claiming that phrase.
PS. words are not weapons, they are just provocations.
I am claiming that phrase.

The probligo said...

"...all of your arguments against Christians."

I only "argue" with stupid Christians. There are some, like Dean Richard Randerson, whose opinions I can respect because they are based on what I understand as true Christianity. I can accept his opinions because they are reasoned rather than irrational. And, interestingly, he very rarely ever quotes the Bible.

So, with your permission I will skip down a bit to this -

" I tell you this God does not care for external signs that means that I can and do cuss like a sailor. Catholics drink like fish and others do other things. Big whoop. I don't care. Jesus loves me just the way I am."

Hmmm, that right? Sounds to me like you use your religion as a catch-all excuse to go do anything you want; how about murdering a few of the famly Ron? Will your God forgive you that? How is about coveting Al's car? I might have said oxen, but I doubt that Al has any. What about stealing your neighbour's boat, or car? Your God will forgive that?

I like the picture of the moral standards you present Ron.


Perhaps I should become Christian in the Church of Ron, forget trying to live a good life, break all the rules then go to heaven after. Sounds like a good idea, except that I could not live with myself.

In truth, it was "Christians" like you that truly turned me against the idea. I have used the word before; I do again, Ron. You are a faux-religion-spouting hypocrite.

"I give them so much more than thay want. I leave them with a serious fear that maybe they went too far and were lucky to get away without getting put in hospital."

Yeah, well I am more pacifist. I have been in a couple of street fights. Reckon I came out second best in both. I have two scarred eyebrows to prove that. Yep. I am probably chicken as well. Obviously you is not. And I bet that if the fists don't do the job for you then the gun will.

Ron, I tire of this. I know that you exist and therefore I can not classify you as a nightmare no matter how much you might try to be that. Because you exist I will accept you as one of those very small parts of this world that is not worth the trouble of avoiding.

You are welcome to your delusions. Never know, one of these days you might even end up getting beatified, just like Joan of Arc. After all, she was doing God's will, talked to God all the time just like GWB, ended up getting burnt at the stake by the promoters of the religion she followed.

Good luck, Ron.

Starsplash said...

Almost enough said. I shall have no church of Ron I will neither accept any such position nor do I seek such.

Their is only one rule to get in to heaven. Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and believe your are saved by him.

The rest of the so called rules are just bullshit made up by pharisees loading the backs of saints down with burdens that no one can handle.

Starsplash said...

One more thing you don't know about me, I have always defended the meek and the weak.
While I was in school I would broach no bulling and neither did I bully. I was blessed with strenth, skill, and diplomacy, I gained the respect of the peacful and those who were evil, thier fear and respect. I wanted everyone to get along and I got it.
Now I want everyone to live and let live and by God I shall have it.
If you were one of those then and I had of been present I would have defended you as well.
I am sorry that no one like me was present in your youth.