Thursday, April 30, 2009

Other refinements

The biker chick: she looks perfect when she's out on wall - just a cute young underclassman. Her pink top and pants turn bikerish when we're in the former bathroom together, and she gets rougher and tougher looking the closer together we get - never to the point of revulsion, she's still good-looking, but tough. I suppose I should mention that, like the later scene in reverse, when I found we didn't need coverings, we didn't have them. I speak this way because there are others in the room (now, while I'm typing) and I don't want any words jumping off the screen at them.

The coverings returned when others entered the area. The longing to get back to this occurred in the transitions between scenes, when I was doing the "task" of each scene I was concentrating on that. Did I mention that the area emptied whenever I was involved in a task. It's like the appearance of others was the signal to move on. They'd get me started on some task, clear out and come back when it was time to go somewhere else.

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