Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just waiting with bated breath.

The projections are BS. They don't have enough data to be precise much before now. I'm gonna go check things out right after I post this.

I voted.

I voted for Barr, just as I said. I discovered on the ballot that we had a Libertarian candidate running against Coleman and Franken. News to me. I voted for him. Then I voted for the Republican running for the US Rep in my district, Eric Paulson and, just because I'm in a monkeywrenching mood, I voted for the Green Party candidate for Statehouse. No LPers running in those races. I should have entered myself. Heck, maybe I should have written in myself.

I took the local judge and the state Supreme Court justice races seriously. I voted straight against the incumbents where they were opposed, and I voted for NOTA where they weren't. So, yeah, I voted for that Tingelstad guy I wrote about before.

The Hennepin County Park District Commissioner is actually a race where I knew something about the candidates. The incumbent is less of a commie than the opposition.

Water District Commissioner? Who knows? Vote against the incumbent.

Well, let's see how Robespierre's doing against Grampa Munster.

Update: I guess he's making his victory speech. McCain's conceded.

All my fault, I'm sure.

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