Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I have to say that I like the sound of these elements

Of Sue Jeffers' - Libertarian candidate for Minnesota Governor - platform:
Work For People, Not Special Interests
In a climate of partisanship and gridlock, as governor I will work with both parties to find common ground, instead of the special interests.

I will work with Democrats on issues we agree on including:
- stopping corporate welfare projects
- helping the working poor with lower taxes
- protecting our environment from dangerous polluters
- protecting our civil liberties

I will work with Republicans on issues we agree on including:
- protecting property rights
- advocating choice in education
- reforming excessive regulations

Sounds like the way to go to me.

BTW, Sue Jeffers owns Stub & Herb's Bar down by the U of M in Minneapolis, and she's been leading the charge for Bar and Restaurant owners rights over what they may allow or ban on their premises.

Oh! Update: Checking out her FAQ, I saw this: Why is the smoking ban not an issue on your web site?
I have been very vocal on the issue, but to clarify: smoking bans are just one assault on property rights. I believe these bans are against state law, if not, the law should be changed.

And, I have to admit, she's got that strong, competent woman look that makes me so... uh, that I like.
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