Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Omni's reminiscences about her horrible Halloweens

growing up made me feel that it's important to catalogue our experience last night. (Trust me, I've never considered Halloween important before now.)


Laurie got hold of an exceptionally cute cow costume for Aliina, so she thought it would be fun if I dressed as a cowboy and Rosalie dressed as an Indian. My father was a country singer and I inhereted his last Stetson and a nice cowboy shirt, so all I needed was a leather vest to complete my ensemble. Rosie was a little more difficult, but, though you may think that I excessively ridicule my wife's efforts at creating a happy home for us (I still think she's a disorganized slob--I'll show private pictures of the TV corner to any e-friends who doubt that judgment--Look! Any space of which my wife is in charge would be impeccably decorated if you could keep out the piles of dirty laundry, food wrappers, junk mail, bills, receipts, warranties, packages or toilet paper....)... The fact is, she can see deep into a persons soul and find the silly, frivolous, superficial game that will actually bring you joy. You learn not to ignore her recommendations lightly. If she says, "Do this," and it sounds stupid, the odds, as I interpret them with my experience, are that, even giving it a half-hearted effort, you'll have the time of your life.

Of course, the fact that my baby was the cutest kid in the neighborhood had a lot to do with my pleasure. I was just part of her costume. And Rosie, of course, was a beautiful [red-headed] indian girl.

I especially enjoyed it when I heard the Mexican family say (my Spanish is bad) something like, "...que a la vaca!"

I'll have to scan the pics when we get them developed. The HP photosmart 120 digital camera seems to have given up the ghost.

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